Happy Easter from Lace & Lu

Easter is just around the corner! 

Since we'll be out of town for the holidays, I decided to shoot Luna's first Easter photos a little early.  I actually did two separate shoots so I'll share both with you guys!

The first batch of photos were taken at Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities.  The grounds at Weymouth are stunning.  During the summer, the garden is overflowing with wildflowers in every color.  This time of year, the sunny yellow dandelions are in bloom and were the perfect setting for our shoot.

I asked my friend Skyler to tag along for this session.  Her baby, Aiden, is a little younger than Luna and I thought it would be a great opportunity for some extra practice with my camera.  Plus, babies are known for their short attention spans... I wanted an extra person on hand to keep them engaged!

I am so excited with how these pictures turned out.  It always surprises me when I capture a genuinely beautiful photo.  Right now, it's pretty rare.   I think I took about 200 photos during this shoot and only a handful turned out exactly how I envisioned.  But that's part of the process - doing things wrong and learning from it!  For instance, for the first couple photos I took in the dandelion patch, we put the babies in the sunniest spot.  But I realized pretty quickly that the sunlight was creating harsh shadows - not something I wanted.  So we moved Lu and Aiden to a shadier spot and started again.  That batch turned out MUCH better!

We also shot at a few other locations on the grounds.  Below are some of those photos!  I will say that photographing Aiden was harder for me than photographing Luna.  He is a GREAT baby!  But he's several months younger than Lu and that makes such a difference!  Luna is sitting upright and crawling and standing and taking wobbly first steps while Aiden is still working on those things.  So if I have the opportunity to shoot him again, I'll definitely do a little more research on poses that work well for babies his age!  Still, I really liked several of the pictures from his batch.  Just look at that face!

A few days later, I did a second (smaller) shoot with just Luna.  This time, it was in a stranger's front yard!  For the last two years, I've walked past this house with a white picket fence, copper mailbox, and hundreds and hundreds of tulips.  It's such a stunning display that I take all of our visitors past there at least once just to show them!  I knew it would be the perfect place for Easter photos ... but I was so nervous!  I would never just walk up to someone's house and start taking pictures without their permission, so I knew I needed to ask.  I also knew that they could (and probably would) say no.  But I didn't want to miss an opportunity for a great shoot if it was possible.  So I dressed Luna in a little white sundress, packed her Easter basket, and strolled her down to the house to knock on the door. 

The man who answered was a bit older and such a gentleman!  When I told him how much I admired his display and how I would love to do a mini session in his yard, he was flattered and graciously said yes.  I couldn't believe it!  Not only was I brave enough to go up to a stranger's door (who thankfully was very, very nice) but I couldn't wait to snap some photos of Luna! 

By now, I had learned that overcast days are ideal for outdoor photo shoots.  It's much easier to brighten a photo during editing than to deal with contrast of light and shadows from bright sunlight.  So in that respect, the second photo shoot was a little easier to shoot.  But it was also harder since I didn't have Sky there saying "Luna!  Luna, look this way!"

Another reason this shoot was harder?  I was standing on the edge of a curb with traffic driving behind me!  So I was a litttttle unfocused and didn't do the best job framing.  Proof in this next photo which COULD have been one of my favorites if I hadn't cut the photo so close to Luna's head.  Gah!

I bet if you scroll down right now to the next picture you can guess another lesson I learned:  I need to invest in an iron!  Poor Lu, her dress is super wrinkly.  Still, I just love this photo of her "looking off into the distance"... Translate:  watching traffic go by on the street behind me LOL.

Do you guys have any fun plans for the upcoming holidays?  Is your camera ready to go?  Better be!  You don't want to miss any of those special moments.  Just remember to also be PRESENT.  There's nothing worse than having beautiful photos from a day you barely remember because you were so busy BEHIND the camera!  That's why hiring a photographer for the day is such a great idea.  Just saying ;)

Happy Easter everyone!

Lace & Lu