Easter Weekend

Hey guys!

I’ve been meaning to write about our time in Italy and I’m already behind, whoops! I’ll eventually get around to sharing photos from our flight overseas, our new home + our first few weeks here. But for now … EASTER!

On Saturday, there was a celebration at the housing base and a TON of kids came!

Luna met the Easter bunny for the first time ever … THREE TIMES! She just kept going back for more! I asked if she wanted us to go with her but she wanted to do it “by mySAYLF” :)


(Stella was napping at the time but we grabbed a shot later in the day … she wasn’t really sure what to think, haha!)


During the egg hunt, Luna ran off with about a hundred other kids to grab eggs … you can see her in her little striped shirt and jeans (before she changed into shorts)! She was really into finding eggs - as soon as it ended, she was ready to go again!

Source: MWR Facebook

Source: MWR Facebook

Source: MWR Facebook

Source: MWR Facebook


Other than the egg hunt/meeting the Easter bunny, we stopped by the bounce house (always a hit!) and the petting zoo. Luna was chasing the poor chickens and ducks for ten minutes, ha!


And then she sat with the donkey forever. Best friends for life, you guys!


Anyway, it was a really fun day :) Can’t wait to share more adventures/daily life things with you guys in the future!


With love,

Lace & co.