Maternity Style Picks for Summer

Hey mommas!

Can we talk about maternity style for a minute?  Up until recently, my "style" has pretty much been a tee shirt and leggings every day.  Literally.  Not even maternity leggings and tees!  Just the plain old clothes that I wore before my pregnancy.  But around month seven, I started feeling pretty uncomfortable.  My bump just seems sooo much bigger than last time around!

At first it was hard justifying spending even $100 on a maternity wardrobe.  I mean, you only get to wear the clothes for a few months and then what?!  But it was worth a little splurge when I woke up one day and realized NONE of my clothes fit! 

All I wanted were a few pieces that were comfortable, affordable, and flattering.  I found (most) of them at Motherhood Maternity but I'm also a fan of the selections at Gap and Old Navy

The great thing about most maternity lines is that you can order your normal size (minus the shoes!).  So if you normally wear a Small, just order all your maternity clothes in size Small :)


For everyday comfort, I love these basic tees from Motherhood Maternity.  They're ultra soft and extra flattering :)


Overalls are back in style and I'm loving every minute of it!  These Side Panel Destructed Maternity Shortalls (far left) are perfect for summer.  Plus the straps are adjustable so they grow with your bump!


Unless you're hitting the beach every day, you probably won't need more than one maternity swimsuit.  Such a bummer because these are both SO cute in person.  Just hurry if you like the Off-the-Shoulder one (left) - it's almost sold out!


Okay, I didn't actually order any of these because (like I mentioned) I basically live my entire life in tees.  BUT they're at the top of my list if I do decide to step up my style game in the next few weeks:


Want to look amazing without all the hassle of coordinating?  Try one of these pretty options:

P.S. The bodycon dress (far left) only has one rating online and it's not very positive.  But pretttty sure the person just ordered the wrong size.  I'm 5'6" and normally 115 - 120 pounds and the maternity size Small fits great!


There's always room for leggings in my wardrobe - even in the summer heat :)


A cute pair of sneakers in a neutral color pairs well with (almost) anything.  Just consider sizing up by a half or even full size - many pregnant women notice a change in shoe size somewhere around the third trimester. 

Stay comfortable mommas!

With love,