How We Prepared for Baby #2

I actually wrote this post *months* ago but forgot to post it! But looking back, all of the ways we prepared for Stella’s arrival were super helpful. Not that it was a perfect transition - Luna wasn’t quite ready to be a big sister - but it was mostly way easier than expected! So now I’m sharing all the ways we actually prepared for baby #2 plus a few things we should have done (but didn’t, ugh).

Okay, here goes:

I thought it would be easy preparing for another baby … I mean, been there done that, right?!  But somehow we have even MORE to do this time around.  How is that possible?!

Lists are pretty much the only way I stay organized these days, so here are all the ways we’re preparing for baby #2:


We kept most of our baby items from the first time around …. but now we have to sort through them all!  Do we have enough newborn socks and mittens?  Soft washcloths?  Where's the infant tub we used when Luna was born?  Now is the time to figure out what we already have and what we still need to stock up on (gas drops, anyone?!). 


Some people think you should only have a baby shower for your firstborn. But if a loved one offers to throw a shower or "sprinkle" the second time around, accept the offer and enjoy!  Every baby deserves to be celebrated - plus there's a still a LOT to buy (or replace) even if you already have most of the big ticket items.


Time for washing and folding and organizing all those clothes, diapers, and miscellaneous items your baby needs (again).  I'm still torn on where to put everything - Luna's dresser is perfect for newborns (it has a spot for a changing pad on top) but it also still feels like hers! 

Another thing on our list?  Pulling out our infant car seat.  I plan to put the baby in the middle but we'll have to see what works best with Luna's seat!


A new baby is a big transition for everyone - including your toddler!  Let her know that some changes are coming.  Show her how to dress and burp and change diapers using a baby doll.  Make it exciting - You're getting a little brother or sister to play with!   We've also been reading books about becoming a big sister - this one is Luna's favorite! 

Now is also the time to consider sleep training, potty training, breaking the bottle/pacifier habit, etc if needed.  Keep in mind that some littles go through regressions - so try to make any major changes at least a few months before the new baby arrives!

#5 - DECIDE ON SLEEP Arrangements

Maybe this is just us, but part of welcoming a new baby means figuring out where Luna is going to sleep!  Are you going to buy a second crib?  Upgrade to a toddler or twin bed?  Buy a bigger master bed to accommodate family co-sleeping?  Whatever you choose, make the transition before the new baby comes - otherwise your big kid might resent your newborn. 


Your hospital bag, I mean!  Make sure to include essentials for you and your spouse and stash it by the door for easy access.  And don't forget a list of "Last Minute" items you won't want to forget in the rush - cell phones, chargers, wallets, etc.

Don't forget to pack an overnight bag for your toddler if they'll be staying with a friend or relative during your hospital stay.  Our plan is for Luna to stay at our house (with my mom) - but I'm still packing a bag just in case because you never know!


Regardless of when you go into labor, you'll need someone to watch your toddler while you're at the hospital.  Choose someone who is familiar and available overnight if needed - and have a backup just in case!  And if your little one struggles with separation anxiety (like mine), here are a few quick tips:

  • Do a trial run with the sitter

  • Have your toddler stay at home (which is more familiar) instead of going to the sitter's house

  • Leave your sitter with a few instructions (including a typical schedule, favorite foods, regular bed/naptime routines, and any other essential info) to keep things normal

  • Make it fun with a little treat or a new toy!


Newborn life is pretty all-consuming (read: exhausting!).  Now is the time for a getaway with your partner!  It's one thing I wish I'd done the first time around but didn’t.  And it doesn't have to be expensive.  A staycation at a local resort or spa reservations for two is the perfect way to relax - and enjoy some alone time - before baby arrives.  Plus it's a great time for that trial run with the babysitter ;)

For our babymoon, we spent a weekend at The Umstead Hotel & Spa in Raleigh while my mom watched Luna.  So many good things to say about our stay there!


Last but not least!  This one is always hard for us - we didn't decide on Luna's name until after she was born.  But we're keeping a running list of our favorites on the fridge while we figure it out.  And YES we're taking suggestions!!

I think that's it!   We're hoping to have everything done by Week 36 at the latest - but the earlier the better.  We'll see how that goes! (Update: it didn’t go well, we didn’t set up the crib or pack our hospital bag until week 39, ha! Thankfully it all worked out but still!)

How are you preparing for another baby?! 

With love,




One Year Immunizations

Hi mommas,

What a day!  Well, week really.  Okay, TWO WEEKS!!

Earlier this month, Luna had her one year appointment.  The doctor checked her height and weight and ADDDDDD.

I heard they might draw blood but luckily that wasn't the case for us.  What we couldn't avoid, though, were the immunization shots.  This time around, Lu had four total (two in each leg).  Ugh!  It's so heartbreaking to see her cry even though I know it's preventing something a lot worse.  But still!

Luna recovered from the pain pretty quickly.  I scooped her up, kissed her on the head, and said Where's your elephant, Lu? and she perked right up.  Even if her stuffed elephant is nowhere in sight, it always makes her feel a little better to look for it.  #ADORABLE :)

Afterwords, we spent the day at Weymouth Park with Kris.  ADDDDDD.

It wasn't until two days later that the fever started ... and then her legs broke out in a rash!  She started taking 3-4 naps a day and was acting really cranky.  I contacted the Immunization Department and they were super helpful.  They suspected she was having a reaction to the MMR or the chicken pox vaccine and gave me instructions on how to move forward.  And it totally helped!  The fever went down and the rash slowly disappeared.  But by the weekend it was back full force! 

I called again.  This time they confirmed it was a reaction to the chicken pox immunization.  They recommended giving her Tylenol every four hours until her fever broke.  And even though she's not contagious, they also said we needed to stay inside where it's cool - heat makes the spots worse!

So that's where we're at now.  For days, we've been holed up inside.  No walks to the park.  No pushing Luna's toy car around the yard.  No painting the sidewalks with water.  I'm a little cranky and she's a little cranky and we're both missing our park mom friends.  But ADDDDDDD. Wish us luck!

With love,


Why I Quit Breastfeeding

Why I Quit Breastfeeding

It's been three months since I quit breastfeeding.  For the most part, I don't miss it.  I don't miss pumping for hours a day.  I don't miss sitting in a room upstairs breastfeeding while my family and friends laughed and talked downstairs.  And I definitely don't miss nursing bras!  I feel alive again and happier.  And I think Luna is happier, too. 

I would never tell another momma to give up breastfeeding.  And truthfully, I'll probably give it another try when baby number two comes along.  But if you're really struggling, if you're feeling trapped and isolated, if you want to try switching to formula but you feel guilty, remember this:  happy mommas raise happy babies.  And whatever you decide, you are not a failure.  You are a mom who is doing her best.