30-Day Happy Marriage Challenge

Hi everyone!

A few nights ago, my husband came home from work looking a little run down.  After we put Luna to bed, I asked if I could borrow him for ten minutes.  He looked a liiiiitle wary.  Like, what did I do wrong?  I patted the couch next to me for him to sit. 

Then I pulled his legs onto my lap and started rubbing his feet.  Just like that, his body relaxed.  He leaned back and closed his eyes and for the next ten minutes we sat in silence while I cared for him. 

That night, I thought about the little everyday things that make such a difference in a marriage.  It's not that my marriage is perfect.  Like every relationship, we go through rough patches.  There are days and weeks when we just. don't. get. along.  And I think that's normal!  But there are also things we can all do to make our marriages happier.

That's how I started working on The 30-Day Happy Marriage Challenge.  It's a list of little things you can do every day to change your marriage for the better.  You can try a few here and there or you can dive headfirst into the full challenge.  Whatever works best for you!  But there is one little rule I hope you'll follow:  I want you to do each of these things selflessly.  Do them without any expectation of receiving something in return.  Because guess what?  You're already getting something in return.  As you complete this challenge, your spouse will feel loved, appreciated, and more connected to you than ever.  And in return, you'll feel happier!

I know what you're thinking:  she's crazy.  But trust me on this one.  Or, don't.  Try the challenge for yourself and see what happens!  Good luck!

Day 1 - Give him an unexpected compliment

Day 2 - Show interest in one of his hobbies

Day 3 - Let go of some trivial annoyance

Day 4 - Set aside your phone and listen while he talks

Day 5 - Place a hand on his thigh during a car ride

Day 6 - Skip that lecture you're dying to give

Day 7 - Tell him how attractive you find him

Day 8 - Put a sweet note in his lunchbox

Day 9 - Praise him in front of others

Day 10 - Lightly touch his skin while you talk

Day 11 - Cook his favorite meal for dinner

Day 12 - Ask how how you can better support him

Day 13 - Allow him space to do something he loves

Day 14 - Ask for his input on something that matters

Day 15 - Borrow his car and have it washed/detailed

Day 16 - Plan a fun night out together

Day 17 - Send a little text to let him know you're thinking of him

Day 18 - Take a hot shower together

Day 19 - Surprise him with a thoughtful gift

Day 20 - Acknowledge something he does that you really appreciate

Day 21 - Give him a neck massage after a long day

Day 22 - Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere

Day 23 - Initiate an intimate moment

Day 24 - Hold his hand on the way to bed

Day 25 - Recreate one of your favorite memories together

Day 26 - Describe the moment you first fell in love

Day 27 - Forgive him for something you've been holding onto

Day 28 - Talk about the future you envision with him

Day 29 - Visit a place that has special meaning to your relationship

Day 30 - Tell him how much he really means to you

If you complete this challenge, I'd love to hear about your results in the comments below!  Or even better, share it with a friend.  Because I think the world could use a lot more happy marriages, don't you?! :)

With love,