Growing Lavender: Part II

Hey guys!

It's been over a week since we planted our lavender and it's growing right along!  New blossoms are poking through every day and it smells SO good.  But I'll be honest - we didn't get off to the best start ...

In the first few days, it was actually looking pretty limp.  I put the pot just outside our front door thinking it would get sunlight there.  But I was totally wrong!  Once I realized what was happening, I moved it into a sunny patch in our front yard.  It perked right up and has been looking healthy and happy ever since!

This week, I bought a little watering can.  I only water the lavender every few days, but during the in-between times, I leave the can outside so Lu can pretend to water it all by herself.  It always makes her smile and I love that she has such a big heart!

On a related note, I once read that plants need affection just like people.  I have no idea if it's actually true, but I'm a firm believer that every little thing needs love.  So every morning, I take Lu out to say hello to our lavender.  And every evening, we say good night!  Luna LOVES doing this!  After a week, she now stands by the door just WAITING to see it!  And as soon as I let her out, she waves and toddles over to it.  At almost a year old, she does A LOT of adorable things but this has to be one of my favorites!

I'll be posting another update in a few weeks.   Hopefully our little plant will be a lot bigger by then!  Actually, we might have to invest in a bigger pot soon if that happens!  Once it fully blooms, I'm planning to make lavender sugar and maybe a few other fun things ... maybe a lavender crown?   Or lavender satchels to tuck into our dresser drawers?  I'll make sure to post about it so stay tuned if you're interested! 

Until next time,

Lace & Lu

Growing Lavender: Part I

Hey guys!

Have you checked out my 2017 Summer Bucket List yet?  If you answered "no" - what are you waiting for?!  It's amazing!

If you have skimmed through it, you know one thing I want to do is grow lavender.  I know it's not technically summer yet but I'm already working it because I just can't help myself!

I should mention that I am terrible at growing things.  Every few years, I buy some poor plant from the store and bring it home to die.  I water them, give them sunlight, give them positive reinforcement... but nothing seems to work!  One by one, they all wither away.

With that being said, I'm determined to keep this lavender alive!

I've actually had an empty pot for a while just waiting for new life.  It's pictured below and I love love love it despite it's tragic past.  I found it at Lowe's Home Improvement last year and tried to grow an herb garden in it.  Unfortunately for the herbs, I went into labor the day after I planted them and, yep, you guessed it ... they died while I was in the hospital.  But it's not the pot's fault so I'm using it again (hopefully with better results this time).

According to a very nice stranger at the gardening shop (meaning Walmart), lavender thrives best in pots that are 12 - 16 inches deep.  If I remember correctly, my pot is only 10 inches deep.  But I thought of it as a suggestion rather than a rule ... like the expiration date on bread. I'll let you know how that works out.

He also recommended using a Miracle-Gro potting mix that protects from over- and under-watering (I told him about my terrible track record with plants).  For all I know, he had no idea what he was talking about.  But he sounded legitimate so I went with it!

Back at home, I lugged the pot, lavender, and potting mix into the yard.  I tried showing Luna how to fill the pot with soil but she was more interested in eating it.  I probably should have discouraged her but I try to let her be.  I mean, what's a little dirt in the grand scheme of things?

Once my pot was almost full, I set my little lavender plant inside and then packed extra dirt around it.   To be safe, I bought Adolescent Lavender.  I just made that term up, ha!  What I mean is .... I didn't buy seeds and I didn't buy a fully grown lavender plant.  I got this little guy who is just ready to grow!

Once I was done with the planting part, I figured it could use a little water.  I don't own a watering can, so I tried to get crafty by filling a mixing bowl with water and then pouring the water into strainer over top of the lavender.  It didn't work very well.  But afterwards, Luna had fun playing with the bowls (and the plant) so that counts for something!

Last but not least, I relocated the pot to just outside our front door where it should soak up the sunshine all day long.  I'm really hopeful that this little plant will grow and flourish and bring more happiness to our (already happy) home.  And who knows, maybe next year I'll have a WHOLE garden!!  Guess you'll have to stick around to see :)

With love,