3 Reasons to Send Personal Thank You Notes

Hi friends,

It's been over a week since Luna's party and I'm finally done with all the thank you notes!  With over 40 guests, we received so many thoughtful gifts and books and fun toys.  And I want to make sure each person knows how much it meant to us! 

It wasn't just about the gifts, either - it was the fact that so many people chose to spend their day celebrating Luna and all the goodness she brings to the world.  Each person took the effort to be there or send their love and I wanted to return the favor!

If you're not a thank-you-note kind of person, that's okay!  We all find our own ways to express gratitude and that's what's important.  But here are three reasons why I think they should still be a thing:


You said thank you in the moment and that should be enough, right?  Sure!  But sending a card shows that you thought about it afterwards, too.  Their gift or gesture or support meant the world to you and hasn't been forgotten.


Most people appreciate a thank you note - but some people expect it!  Sending one ensures that everyone is satisfied, even the hard-to-please people in your life.


This is the real reason I send thank you notes.  It's not just because it's nice or polite or because people expect it.  It's because it feels good knowing I made someone's day a little brighter - just like they did for me!

What are your thoughts on thank you notes?  Are they in or out?  Is a text just as good?  I want to know what you think in the comments!

With love,


10 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

Hi everyone!

Do you ever wake up and feel off?   Everything is fine but you're just not feeling it.  Sometimes a bad day is just that ... a bad day!  But it doesn't have to stay that way.  Try these 10 simple ways to brighten your day:


Throw open the windows in your house or roll them down in your car.  A little fresh air will go a long way towards making you feel better.


If you only have time for one song, make it River by Leon Bridges.  Or Carry Me Through by Dave Barnes.  It's like pushing the reset button on your soul.  And if you're looking for a full playlist, keep an eye out for our Better Days Playlist which is coming soon!


I'm a brownies-for-breakfast kind of girl.  But I try to steer clear of mood-crashing sugar on rough days.  Instead, I make a pitcher of detox water for breakfast.  Then I pour it into a wine glass, close my eyes, and pretend I'm hanging out at the spa for a few minutes :)

Quick Recipe:  Combine ice, water, mint cucumber, and lemon in a pretty pitcher!


Am I crazy for including soap on this list?  Maybe.  But I swear I feel happier every time I use Pecksniff's England Rose & Peony Hand Wash.  I found it at my local T.J. Maxx for super cheap and it smells so. freaking. good!


For under $5, you can purchase a sweet multi-colored bouquet from your local grocery store that will brighten your day (and the rest of your week)!  Just snip the ends and place them in clean water to keep them fresh.


Have you ever heard the quote "Comparison is the thief of joy"?  Social media makes it so easy to compare ourselves to other people!  Try signing off for a day or two and let yourself focus on real life for a while. 


Skip the gym today and take a walk outside instead.  It will feel less like a chore and more like a much-needed recharging.  I actually take a walk every single day for my sanity's sake :)


Our muscles tense up when we're feeling moody.  A warm Epsom salt bath will help your body (and your mind) relax.  It's worth it, even if you have to wake up a few minutes early or go to bed a little later to make it happen.


Hugging is proven to make us happier.  It makes us feel more connected to the people we care about and significantly reduces our stress levels.  I knew this long before I ever read a study on it.  In fact, I give my husband and baby and family ridiculous amounts of hugs on a regular basis.  So snuggle up to someone you love and hold on tight.


If the day is almost over and you're still not feeling it, strip the sheets and pillowcases from your bed and toss them in the wash.   It feels so good to snuggle into freshly laundered linen after a long day.  Breathe in the soothing scent of your detergent and know that tomorrow is bound to be a better day.

With love,

My 2017 Summer Bucket List

Hey gang,

Summer is so close I can almost taste it! 

There are so many things I love about this time of year:  sun-kissed skin and cotton dresses and trips to the strawberry patch.  I love sitting on the porch swing eating popsicles while the littles run through the water sprinkler in the front yard.  And this year my own sweet girl will be running through those sprinklers.  I just. can't. wait!

I want to make the most of this summer.  So I've been working on a Bucket List of all the things I want to do!  Some are geared specifically towards little ones - like making homemade playdough!   But I like to think that most of these things would be fun for all ages.  Because who doesn't love a good blanket fort and building sandcastles?


  • Host a wine night
  • Swim in a lake
  • Have a living room dance party
  • Jump on a trampoline
  • Swing on a tree swing
  • Stargaze in the middle of nowhere
  • Make a blanket fort
  • Grow lavender in a pot
  • Reconnect with an old friend
  • Drink fresh-squeezed lemonade
  • Spend a day at the beach
  • Build a sandcastle
  • Pick strawberries at the patch
  • Bake a fresh strawberry pie
  • Take a boat ride
  • Go tubing
  • Play in a water sprinkler
  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Stomp through rain puddles
  • Play a board game
  • Make a flower crown
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Create sun art
  • Finger painting
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Picnic at the park
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Take pictures on a disposable camera
  • Say yes to an unexpected offer
  • Send a handwritten letter
  • Give an unexpected gift
  • Listen to country music
  • Take a road trip to anywhere
  • Read a book
  • Go on a date with my husband
  • Book a couples massage
  • Plan a cookout
  • Sit out by the fire pit
  • Play with sparklers
  • Watch fireworks
  • Tailgate with friends
  • Go camping
  • Roast marshmallows over an open fire
  • Go bowling
  • Sign up for a charity walk
  • Take a break from social media
  • Watch a sunset

Whew!  That's all I have for now - but I'm sure I'll be adding to the list as the days go on.  In the meantime, what are some of your plans for the summer?  Are there any special summer traditions that you can't wait to share with your family and little ones?  I want to hear all about them in the comments below!

With love,


A Trip to the Zoo

Hi guys!

Saturday was a little crazy for our family.  We had friends visiting from out of town and I shot a portrait session around noon to get a little more practice time in.  In the middle of our busy day, Luna fell down the stairs.  Thankfully she's okay and only has a scrape around her eye.  But it was a scary moment and a reminder for all of us that things can happen in an instant.

After all the chaos, we really needed some down time as a family.  I also wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather on Sunday.  A trip to the zoo was just what we needed!

This was actually Luna's first time at a zoo!  And while it was important for me to get a few photos, it was even more important that I be present and enjoy the day with my family. 

One of the coolest things we saw were the peacocks.  I've seen peacocks before but for some reason I was really in awe of them today!  Maybe it was because I've never seen one fly into a tree and hang out there - what?!  Their feather tails are so gauzy and ethereal.  They really are like something from another era.

Unlike me, Luna wasn't a big fan of the peacocks.  At one point, we were picnicking next to the tree where they perched and one cawed pretty loud.  Poor Lu burst into tears and was completely inconsolable for a good five minutes!  She was also a little wary of the giraffe.  It tried to gobble up her hand as she held out a carrot and I could not stop laughing!

Probably my favorite part of the visit was when we gave Luna a piece of popcorn to feed the billy goats and she ate it herself instead!  It was such an endearing moment and made us laugh which we definitely needed!

After a few hours, it was time to go home.  But we had a great day and I'm glad we got to spend the time together as a family. 

What are some ways that you unwind with your family?  Are you excited that summer is just around the corner?!  Tell me all about your plans in the comments - I could use the inspiration!

With love,


P.S. I owe a huge THANK YOU to my husband for snapping the photos of me and Luna together.   I could not believe how well some of them turned out!  Actually, the ones he took were better than pretty much ALL my photos, ha!  Although in my defense, I was really caught up in the moment and completely focused on how adorable Luna was in her overalls ;)