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Paint Therapy with Luna

Life’s been a little messy lately …

Too many tantrums and tears. Not enough sleep. And a house that’s impossible to keep clean no matter how hard I try (and I really do try!).

I feel like I’m constantly fussing at Luna. I worry that I’m not giving Stella enough attention. And I’m pretty sure Kris thinks we’re all crazy when he comes home and both kids are crying. (Whyyyyy do they always have meltdowns at the exact same time?!)

All my plants are dying and I’m like, I get it. I’m floundering over here, too.

It’s soooo easy to get bogged down with things. But recently I started thinking, maybe it really isn’t. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe all those little things (the everlasting pile of laundry, the dishwasher that needs to be unloaded, the toys scattered all across the floor, the poor dead plants) aren’t all that bad. They’re just proof of life. Proof that our home is filled with good food and (mostly) happy kids and a whollllle lot of love.

Maybe it’s a mess sometimes, and frustrating, and overwhelming.

But maybe there’s magic in the messes, too.


Speaking of messes:

I started a new project with Luna the other day! I tossed a drop cloth on the floor and gathered up my paint supplies … canvas, brushes, and all our favorite colored pants.


Then we got to work.

We sat side-by-side, her smearing the paint with her little hands, me scraping and blending with whatever tools I could find. For the first time in weeks, I felt myself relaxing. It was like coming up for air after being underwater too long. And it felt really, really good.

Painting Together.jpg

It’s been a few days and I’ve seen a shift in Luna’s moods, too. Less tantrums, more hugs. And a lot less tears (from both of us). Sometimes she’ll stop painting, kiss me on the lips, and say Thank you SO much mommy. And you guys, it’s the best. I’ve missed my happy big kid and it feels sooo good to have her back.


As for the painting, it’s a lot like my life: a work in progress.

Sometimes I love it, sometimes it’s crazy.

But if it looks a little off today, it’s okay. We can always add new colors and layers tomorrow. We have the power to change what we’ve done, to forget all about our mistakes and move on.


And that’s what I really love about painting with Lu … if we mess up, it’s okay. It doesn’t have to look perfect, not even close. And if we get it all wrong today, there’s always tomorrow to make it right.


With love,


P.S. Want to make this project at home? Here are a few tips:

First, buy a BIG canvas … it’s more fun! And a drop cloth because toddlers are soooo messy. We used acrylic paints but I actually recommend washable paints for little hands.

If you really want a beautiful, cohesive piece to hang on your wall, pick out the paints yourself. I chose a handful of colors that Luna loves AND compliment each other. White is the perfect base color because it goes well with most things and blends easily. If your toddler wants to use colors that don’t compliment each other, that’s totally okay - just use a different canvas for those colors :)

Also, you may want to stick to 2-3 paints per session. Mixing 5 or 6 colors at the same time will almost always create brown. So grab the white paint and then let your toddler choose the other 2 or 3 colors … she’ll get to make the decisions and you’ll get a beautiful piece of artwork!

Last but not least - have fun!!!!!

6 Easy Ways to Meet Mom Friends

Hey lady!

Now that you're a mom, things are changing fast.  Maybe your old friends are still hanging out at bars while you're busy changing diapers and washing bottles.   Maybe you're new to town or naturally introverted.  Whatever the case, you need other moms in your life!  Here's why:

Mom friends are there for the good and bad.  They nod sympathetically when you talk about how you've been up all night.  They understand when your hair is a mess and you're wearing the same pair of leggings for the third straight day.  And they really, really get it when you have a meltdown because your husband never closes the wipes and now the whole pack is dried up!

See what I'm saying?  We need other moms almost as much as we need a good night's sleep. Luckily, they're a lot easier to come by than you think.  Here are six ways to meet mom friends in your area today:


This is my #1 way to make friends.  Try pushing a baby in a swing for thirty minutes and not talking to the mom standing next to you... it's impossible! 


Most libraries offer a variety of programs for little ones.  I've been taking Luna to a Baby Bunny Story Time since she was 5 weeks old.  It's more structured than the park so arrive a few minutes early or hang around after the class for a chance to chat with the other moms.


Our local gymnastics center offers a FREE fun time on Fridays for all babies under 18 months!  Older babies and children can come, too, for just a few bucks per hour.  While I chat up the other moms, Luna crawls up and down the stacked mats and across the floor beams.   And since there's a time limit, I never have to awkwardly figure out how to get away from a conversation.  It's the perfect opportunity for an introvert (like me) to socialize!

Note:  Out of curiosity, I checked around to see if other gyms offer similar programs and many of them did!  So definitely contact local gyms to see what they offer!


Who wouldn't want to make friends while getting a tan?!  Just make sure to slather on the sunscreen (or keep infants covered) and bring plenty of water.  Also, try to go before 10 AM or after 4 PM to limit sun exposure.

Some places also offer swim classes for babies as young as six months!  We enrolled Luna in swim class when she was ten months old.  Full disclosure - she hated it BUT the other five babies in her class (that were all a few months older) really enjoyed splashing around.  And the other moms were sympathetic to Lu's crying.  It actually gave us something to talk about after the lessons ended!


My version of "working out" is a leisurely stroll through town.  But I know plenty of moms who swear by Stroller Strides!  It's a fitness program that incorporates your baby into the workouts and it's found nationwide.  One thing to know - there's a monthly fee for this program.  Around here, it runs about $60 per month.  Still, it's cheaper than a gym membership and a great way to meet other moms!


As a last resort, I use my husband to make friends.  He meets a lot of guys through work and many of them are married with kids.  Yes, sometimes it feels like I'm being set up on an adult play date.  But every now and then I meet a fellow mom who turns into a genuine friend, so it's totally worth it!

What are some other ways you've made mom friends?  Let us know in the comments below!

With love,


*Banner Photo by Caroline Basquill-White*

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